Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites!

February was a seriously amazing month for me. My birthday, our engagement party, getting to see our families, wonderful! It was also a great month for some new goodies so I wanted to share some of them.

Animal friendly, vegan cosmetics are hard to find, but Lily Lolo fit the bill (95% of their products are vegan, with a list of what is not on their website)! I've never been one to really wear foundation or powder, because I hate the feel of products on my skin, but this feels so light I forget I'm wearing it almost instantly. It provides excellent coverage with very minimal product too, so this is going to last for a long time. It comes in a huge range of different shades to suit different skin tones, from the palest of pale through to tones designed for black skin and olive tones, which is great to see. I've got their BB cream on order too and can't wait to try out more of their range.

Here I am wearing the powder on just the side of my face with my nose right, I can really see a huge difference. No filters or other makeup here, just natural light.

And here is the after, same natural light, but now a full face of powder and eye makeup, nothing else. Again, no filter.

Spock Socks!

Stu got me these for my birthday but they didn't arrive in time for it. They have 3D Spock ears!! How amazing is that?!

I donated to Sugar & Vice's Indiegogo campaign twice, and both of those perks included a voucher worth 125% of the money I donated. In February I got those vouchers and spent ages picking what I wanted to get! One thing I bought was this necklace I've been drooling over for a while. Red and black are always a good combination! I also bought a necklace as a present for someone that I will share soon.

Part of the Witching Hour collection, this necklace and I were always meant to be. It makes me feel like a goth Flintstone. I love the length of it, anything spooky and cute is a winner for me.

Sugar & Vice Coral Necklace £14 (custom teal mirror colour is priced differently to the standard)

I loved the shapes in the standard coral necklace so so much, but because of my skin tone I thought the colour might get a little lost, so I asked Sarah & Matt to make me it in teal mirror instead and it is gorgeous! I wanted to stick with a sea sort of colour, and this teal was perfect for that.

I found Philip Normal on depop and was so glad I did. They have a huge range of graphic 80's and 90's inspired prints, and vintage sunglasses. I love several of their pairs of sunglasses, but decided to pick out the one pair for now, these adorable round black and red rimmed shades. They are unisex, so if you have a large head like I do, they are really comfy! A lot of their shop is reduced on depop so have hunt on there before you buy from their store. Free shipping!

I featured these 2 necklaces in earlier blogposts, but I just have to mention them again. If you haven't seen The Serpent's Club range, you really should! 

I love this skirt! It's super cute, comfy, and according to my Nanna looks really nice on me. And I trust my Nanna on that one!

Other February favourites - our engagement party, my birthday, and seeing all my wonderful friends and family who travelled to see us.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxxxxx

Friday, 27 February 2015

Birthday OOTD

I haven't posted many outfit of the days lately, it's been so cold that I haven't been dressing what I consider to be 'well enough' to photograph, instead I've been dressing for warmth! However on my birthday I got all girlied up.

Dress - Asda
Denim Jacket - New Look (customised by me)
Boots - Demonia
Tights - Evans, ripped up by me
Necklace - KatzeShop

That dress was a super bargain! It was £8! I couldn't resist. I loved the mint colours with the purple and pink, girly, but not so girly that I can't rock it up and make it more me. Cue the ripped up tights, my boots and my denim jacket. I felt really cute. The dress is a fair bit shorter than I would usually wear, but lately I have been trying to push myself out of my comfort zones and I felt really good in this. Success!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Sometimes I am super lucky and I get to take photos of adorable furbabies. My Auntie and Uncle were recently given a beautiful ragdoll kitten by his Mum who breeds them, called Khali (short for Princess Khaleesi) so I just had to take some photos of her for them, and of their handsome moustache cat Reggie too!

Khali! Isn't she lovely? She's 3 and a half months old.


Those blue eyes and that pink nose!


This photo kind of sums Reggie up.

Isn't he so handsome? I love his moustache.

Sometimes she looks so much like Grumpy Cat!


And a final one of the super handsome moustache tuxedo cat Reggie.

Aren't they both so gorgeous? Such caring and affectionate furbabies. Squish!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dreaming of Spring

The sun was shining, for a brief moment, and now I can't get the idea out of my head that Spring will be here soon and I can wear summery clothes!

How cute is this skirt? I love the midi length, and think it would be perfect for spring. Cool enough for the warmer temperature, but also covered enough that you don't have to worry about the cold.

You guys, this is £20! I'd feel so American Horror Story: Coven in this. So much love!

Forever21 have some great basics that are really cheap. I love the cut of the neckline on this top.

I love a good shirt over a vest top, and the length on this is fantastic!

Available in red, black, green and khaki, this is adorable! This is the sort of dress you could wear to work and dress up easily too.

I love a waterfall jacket, and this is lovely. Perfect to throw over a simple outfit and really make it something special.

This is also available in a really bright pink that is all kinds of amazing. I love a skater dress, they make me want to twirl!

What are you drooling over this spring?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Engagement Haul!

Stu and I were ridiculously spoilt with engagement presents! There aren't enough words for how thankful we are for them gifts, and it means so much that people care for us like that! I wanted to share a few of our presents as a sort of mini homeware haul.

Some family friends got us this amazing vase! It's really solid, more of a slate colour than this photo shows. We have been in dire need of a new vase as we only had one, and this is a stunner.

We got given several bottles of sparkly and wine, I don't drink so Stu will enjoy those, but I plan on enjoying this chocolate bottle of wine from friends of my parents.

My Uncle's Mum got us this amaaaaazing prism photo frame! It is so cool and unusual. I love it!

My brother and his girlfriend got us like, the most kick ass gift ever. NERF GUNS!! I got a cross bow so I can totally pretend to be Buffy, and Stu got a semi-automatic gun. We got the boys nerf guns for Christmas so this now means all out war. YAY!!

And the final present you get a photo of from our friend Jamie of Silent Studios.....

Inflatable penis fighting kit! Which Stu and his groomsman Mat immediately donned for some sword fighting. So much laughter ensued!

So many of our family and friends were unbelievably generous and gifted us Ikea vouchers and money towards our wardrobe saving funds. Thanks to that generosity we will be ordering our wardrobes ASAP! We have been in dire need of them, and I cannot explain how appreciative we both are.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

Friday, 20 February 2015

Amazing Engagement

 On February 14th my parents threw an amazing engagement party for me and Stu at our local. It was the best night I could have asked for! Such a fantastic night, surrounded by our friends and family, and with music provided by The Idles. The Idles were totally kick ass, great banter and a mix of tunes, so we plan to book them for our wedding too!

I got my nails done thanks to my Mum. Figured people might ask to see my ring so they should be all pretty just in case!

My parents got us these totally incredible lights made! I'd been looking at carnival style lights for the wedding and was gutted at how expensive they are, my Mum found a lovely lady who made these for her for us. We decorated at the engagement party with them, and plan to use them at the wedding.

My Dad very kindly took lots of photos for us of all the details and our lovely guests!


We decorated the tables with little mirrors, and 3 types of confetti, purple and silver hearts, and iridescent circles, plus balloons weight with iridescent hearts.

Me and Roswell Ivory, who I asked to be my bridesmaid, who said yes, yay!!

Roswell lost a french fry crisp down her dress and my Dad caught the moment I tried to help her find it.... she did find it eventually. 7 hours later when she took off her dress and proudly ran through the house with it!

Roswell, me and Fal, two of my 3 bridesmaids! Besties <3

Our utterly amazing tattoo and True Romance themed cake. I haven't actually eaten any of it yet, but it was beautiful!

The only dampener to our otherwise perfect night was that someone stole the edible skull off the top of the cake before we even cut it. What is wrong with people?!!

I love this photo of me and Roswell so much!

It was such an amazing night, thank you so much to everyone who came, especially all those people who travelled for us! People came from Cambridge, South Wales, Mansfield, booked hotels, just wow. I am so lucky to be part of an awesome family, and even luckier to be becoming part of another one too!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Birthday Awesomeness!

I turned 27 on 12th February and had the most wonderful day! Both Stu and I had the day off, so we had a lazy day watching The Shield in bed (Ashen and the cats joined us), then in the evening went for a meal with my family. Perfect! My family really spoilt me with some incredible gifts, so I wanted to share some of them.

Samya @ New Look top from my Mum

The scissor and banana print totally make feminist me super happy!

My Mum got me a whole bunch of Rosa Pietsch's jewellery from Katze Shop. LOVE!

A lot of Rosa's pieces are one offs so are no longer available in her store, but she has all sorts of amazing jewellery and similar necklaces available.

I picked these all out with my Mum, Rosa noticed that I'm a fan of black and silver, always!

As a huge fan of The Serpent's Club, I was so excited when I opened a present from my parents and saw that familiar packaging, and found Siren inside!

It is so gorgeous, and so well made. Amethyst is my birthstone, so this is perfect for me.

My Mum ordered during a flash sale The Serpent's Club had, and got a cluster ring as part of the order too!

Stu and I are currently in the process of reorganising our bedroom, and I desperately needed more room to store my jewellery, my Nanna got this incredible skull holder for me!

Stu's Mum and Step-Dad got me this beautiful photo frame, I love the shell detailing so much, it's gorgeous. I'm currently deciding what photo to get printed in it.

Look how pretty that border is!

My brother and his girlfriend got me some Sugar & Vice, always an ace idea with me! Sugar & Vice have always put sweeties in their orders and now have their own branded rock, so cute!

Both sets of my Grandparents, and my Auntie and Uncle gave me money, it'll be going towards a new tattoo and some bits for the house.

And finally, the gorgeous butterfly necklace Stu got me to match my engagement ring

Such a wonderful birthday, thank you to everyone who wished me a great day!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

ps. How amazeballs is the cake my Mum baked me?!