Thursday, 29 January 2015

50 Random Facts About Me Part 2

Continuing from Part 1....

26) I have a cactus collection! I think they are really adorable and I can't help but keep buying more.

27) My favourite food is pizza. I looooove pizza. I still with the classic margarita, or a garlic bread supreme. A garlic bread supreme seems to be a distinctly Northern thing apparently, it's a garlic bread with cheese and tomato, and is in fact totally different to a margarita. It has to have lashings of garlic sauce to dip it in too!

28) My other favourite foods are applewood smoked cheddar, spinach, Mexican food with quorn and beans instead, curries involving spinach, hassleback potatoes and garlic. I have a slight tendancy to eat lazy garlic while I cook. Sorry Stu.

29) I've had 22 piercings but only currently have 11 in, which are my nose ring, smiley, one tongue bar (I had to retire the other one) and 8 in my ears.

30) I have 3 tattoos currently, all done by Keely Rutherford, and I'm booked in for more with her soon. We are working on my left leg at the moment and then will go on from there.

31) I really love brushing my teeth. Like, I love how they feel afterwards and I don't feel like I'm really awake till I've brushed them.

32) I have a zebra print wall in my front room. It's badass.

33) My favourite TV shows ever are Oz, Sons of Anarchy, House, Supernatural, Star Trek (TNG is my favourite), The Young Ones, Criminal Minds and South Park.

34) My favourite movies are True Romance, Con Air, Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, Shaun of the Dead, Jackass, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Hot Fuzz.

35) I went to a Star Trek convention and met Patrick Stewart. I think my face sums up how happy I was.

36) Polystyrene really freaks me out. It is so disgusting, the way it feels, eeeeeeew.

37) My collection of Barry M nail varnish is just obscene, I have about 50 different colours.

38) Ashen really hates my laugh. Anyone else have a dog who has an irrational hatred of their laugh? He'll do anything he can to stop me from laughing the meanie.

39) I love skull, stag and animal print motifs.

40) I have a scar on my right cheekbone from tripping over a pair of really wide skater jeans when I was 16 and smashing my face into the front of my parent's house. It was really grim. I love my scar though! This is from about 2 weeks into the healing/stitches.

41) I have a recurring nightmare about an old hotel on a hill, which I enter, go straight to the elevator, and the elevator goes up and down, but also left and right, and back and forwards. Nothing scary particularly ever happens in the nightmare, but it really scares me, and I've had it since I was a little kid.

42) I used to be scared of ceiling artex. I was convinced it moved and was going to stretch down and get me. For anyone who doesn't know what artex is, it's this stuff, and it comes in different patterns and levels of spiky scariness.

43) I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid, that was an albino ferret. I have no idea how I knew what an albino ferret looked like, but that was my imaginary friend. It didn't even have a name, it was just there and I talked to it a lot.

44) I can't tell the time on analog clocks. I've never been able to. My brain just does not compute.

45) My accent is a terrible mix of Grimsby, Norwich and Stu's sort of cockney accent. The Grimsby accent I have is really mild, so apparently I get to pick up all other accents really quickly.

46) Butterflies are really special to me. I lost a good friend when we were 17 and we both loved butterflies, and since then I've really obsessed over them.

47) I cannot resist talking to any and all cats and dogs. I just love them and want to be friends with them all and rub their bellies.

48) I hate whistling. It's the most vile noise ever.

49) I have a totally ridiculous crush on Kevin Nash, aka Diesel. He's a wrestler, and a big hunk of a man.


50) I'm starting to plan my wedding....aaaaaagh!!

And that's it! If you'd like me to see do more blogs like this let me know!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

50 Random Facts About Me Part 1

I love watching Youtube videos, my favourite youtubers being Kiera-Rose and Helen Anderson, and one of my favourite tags is the 50 random facts tag, so I thought I'd do a blog version! I often wonder about doing a Youtube channel, but I don't have a camera that can film, and I think my accent is terrible! So for now, I'll stick with this.

1) I am 5ft 11! Most people think that is pretty tall for a girl. I'm taller than Stu, and never tend to wear heels.

2) I have green eyes. My eye colour is one of my favourite things about me. The 'beauty rules' say that means I should wear purples and browns to make my green eyes pop, I love wearing purple, but I think green does the job too!

3) My feet are a massive size 10. Which is just a nightmare for buying shoes!  A lot of places make 9s now, but 10s are still so rare.

4) I only ever wear silver jewellery. I think silver is classic, and cool, and much prettier than all the other metals. Which is why I was so happy my engagement ring is silver!

5) I'm a qualified hairdresser. I do mobile hairdressing around my day job, but not much. I love it though!

6) I have a degree in English Literature. I used to want to be a teacher, but then I realised that I'm not the biggest fan of kids, especially teenagers, and I don't like the way the education system teaches right now.

7) My hair has been every colour. My favourite is purple, or grey, and the colours that look terrible on me are black and red.

8) I suffer from a combination of chronic hemiplegic migraines with aura and chronic headaches. I have head/face pain 24/7, and have done for 5 years. Thankfully it is well controlled now, but it means I can't wear my hair up, anything touching my hair or face is painful, and I sleep a lot.

9) I have 3 step-children! Or at least, they will officially be my step-children when me and Stu get married. Two boys who are 9 and 10, and a girl who is 18!

10) My hair is naturally wavy, and I encourage the curl. My Mum's is ringlets, and I am so jealous!

11) We have 2 cats and a dog. Sir Stitch the Third of the House of Chubblington (Stitch for short), he's the black cat, and Lady Patches of Patchingworth (or Patches), she's the tortie, and Stitch's Auntie, and Ashen the rottweiler cross. Ashen is also known as goldfishcatdogreindeerllama. All 3 are rescues and I love them all to bits!

11) I used to collect Hello Kitty stuff. Like, I had so much it was kind of ridiculous. they needed their own room. When we bought our house two years ago I sold all but a handful of my collection off to buy furniture for the new house.

12) I've lived in Saudi Arabia, Lincoln, Norwich, Burton on Trent, and Grimsby. Saudi was when I was a little kid, Lincoln for uni, Norwich for between 2009 and 2012, Burton as a kid, and Grimsby the rest of the time. I loved Norwich, the place, the closeness to London, the friends I made, but I had to leave for me.

13) I'm partially deaf. I should wear a hearing aid, but thanks to my amazing and ridiculous allergies I can't wear it. Which is a shame, cause it's amazing to be able to hear better!

14) My musical taste is pretty diverse. My all time favourite musicians, bands and artists are The Wreckers, Dolly Parton, Skid Row, Stone Sour, Alice in Chains, Meat Loaf, Taylor Swift and P!nk. (Though I don't like Taylor Swift or P!nk's most recent albums at all *sad face*).

15) I started taking photos way back in 2007 under the alias Pirate Photography, and did all those cliche sort of photos alternative kids did back then. I switched to use Kitty Wood Photography last year and can't wait for what this year brings!

A super old photo of Miki Maddison taken with my first SLR.

16) I all kinds of love Adventure Time. Stu hates it, thankfully my step-sons love it so are a great excuse to watch it! It's ridiculous but I think it's actually full of awesome life lessons for kids.

17) I am terrified of horses. I'm trying to work on it, but it's hard! They are massive and scary.

18) I totally have to admit... I am addicted to Sugar & Vice. I own sooo much of their jewellery and forever need more, more!

19) I hate peppers. I have this thing about their texture, that it kind of feels like it's... alive. I know. That sounds mental, but I hate them and can't eat them!

20) I've been vegetarian since I was 12.

21) My favourite colours are black, purple and red.

22) I really dislike even numbers. I don't know why. I can't set my alarm for 08:00 for example, it has to be 08:01.

23) I think octopuses are totally adorable. I think tentacles are amazing, and they are so intelligent and cute!

24) I'm teetotal. Because of the medication I take for my chronic pain I can't drink alcohol, as much as I love it. When I was allowed to drink I loved gin and cherry sourz. Not mixed together though, ew!

25) Because I don't drink, I drink either water with loads of ice, or Pepsi Max. I love Pepsi Max so much.

Right, I'm gonna split this into 2, cause it's way harder to do that I realised! 

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Sunday, 25 January 2015

NYE Outfit

Jacket - Boohoo Plus
Boots - Demonia
Tights - Evans (ripped by me)
Necklace - BloodyMary Metal
Bag - ASOS

My new year's eve outfit! We went to the Legion in the village we live in to see a band play. I like any excuse to glam up! I found the jacket a few days before Christmas thanks to Sugar Darling's blog. She featured it in an outfit of the day post, I fell in love and posted the jacket on my facebook page, and my Mum immediately went and bought me it for Christmas :) she is a sweetie!

The dress is one I featured on my blog a while back. I tried it on in store but wasn't sure, then just after Christmas Stu spotted it in the sale and insisted I tried it on again for him. I sized up and it made the waist sit in a much better place, and for £11 I snapped it up! Total bargain. The coloured glitter in the dress reflects the light beautifully, photos really don't do it justice.

I made it more 'me' with the ripped up tights and my beloved Demonia boots. I am still gutted Demonia have closed their doors and will no longer be making shoes. I really don't know where I am going to buy shoes and boots from now!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Friday, 23 January 2015

Dreaming of Party Dresses

In February Stu and I are having an engagement party! It's a great excuse to bring together a lot of our nearest and dearest, and celebrate our engagement with them. It also means I need a new dress! So of course I turned to all my favourite websites to ogle their new spring lines...

ASOS Curve Gothic Maxi Dress £100 reduced to £40

This dress is so lovely! It's available in black or wine, and the detailing on the neck area is gorgeous! I think it's a bit too much for our party because it is full length, but I couldn't resist sharing it.

Totally different to anything I would normally wear, but so cute! It has a heart cut out in the back, and is also available in gold. It's just my kind of classy trashy.

I loooove bardot style dresses, and the neckline on this is gorgeous! I'm not exactly blessed in the bust department so I don't think this would quite look so awesome on me, but it gives me ideas!

Now this is just amazing 80's trashion at it's best! I feel like I should wear this to a prom. The colour makes it even more 80's fantastic. The venue we are having our party at tends to get super warm though, and there will be dancing, so the sleeves/covered shoulders just aren't right for it.

Ok, so technically this dress isn't right for the party. But whatever, I love it so much that I wanted to share it anyway! Black and white nautical goodness in an adorable shape.

Oh how I dream about the day that Modcloth open a UK site. One day I shall own a Modcloth dress or 10. This dress is lush! The silver harness style detailing with the teal of this dress are beautiful. This would have been perfect. Sigh.

I didn't get the whole peplum thing for so long. I was determined it was ugly, but it's not. I have succumbed. I bought a peplum top, and I am in love with the structured style of this dress! I haven't bought anything from Missguided yet, but I so want to!

I fell in love with this dress after I saw Tess Munster wearing it on her recent trip the UK. (I wish I had been able to meet her!). It's available in black and white, black and blue, and black and pink. The pink or white are my favourites. A statement necklace and a flash of matching colour in your shoes is all you need to make this totally glam.

In the end, I didn't pick any of these dresses... but I'm not telling you which one I did so I can post an outfit of the day post of it!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My Lucky Month

December was kind of a crazy month for me. Not because of Christmas, but because I seemed to somehow become insanely lucky! A lot of my favourite brands ran competitions on their social media, I always enter competitions but have never really won anything before. In December I seemed to win everything!

So I very occasionally use twitter. Like, I have it set up to autopost my photography tumblr and bloglovin, and sometimes I remember I should post on it rather than just let the internet robots use it so that people will actually follow me. I posted on it during December and the following exchange happened....

Now, I don't follow Tesco on twitter, I've never tweeted at them, I have no idea how or why they decided to respond to my tweet. The first thing I did was check out the twitter account to make sure it was legit. It was. So I figured what the hell and I DM'd them my name and address. Two days later I got a very excited call from Stu asking me if I had ordered him anything that would come in a big box for Christmas, and if I hadn't, could he open the giant mystery box that had just been delivered to our house. I told him he could and he better ring me straight back!

Inside was a brand new 42 inch Sony Bravia HD 3D television. Stu rang me back and I said 'Holy shit' a lot and cried. I couldn't believe it. We set it up in our bedroom and just wow. The remote has a built in Netflix button! I know it's all part of a marketing campaign they did at Christmas, but seriously, it blew me away. They made our Christmas. We could never have afford a new TV, and it wasn't something we could justify saving up for when other things were more important.

BloodyMary Metal ran a daily advent calendar competition on their instagram that I eagerly entered every day. And I won! And I was lucky enough to win one of my favourite necklaces from their site. They also sent me some metallic temporary tattoos that I am totally going to play with soon. Thank you so much!

Marks and Spencer's ran a fun Pass the Parcel game on their website that I played most days, because why not! There were all sorts of prizes available from little to big. I won a voucher for some Walnut Whips. Nom. I picked mint ones. There is no photo of those because they quickly went in my belly, soz!

I figured after 3 wins I was at the end of my streak. But I wasn't! Eustratia also ran a daily advent calendar competition, and I also won a prize in that! A £20 prize was my prize, and I put a little extra in so I could buy these beautiful moth earrings. I was so tempted by the other jewellery Eustratia also do, but moths are totally my thing, so moths it was! I opted for these because they make incredible latex and these combine moths and latex together.

Aren't they fab? I plan to hook them through my stretched ears and look fabulous in them.

Of course, December also featured a proposal for me as well.... so it really was the luckiest month ever! Because the best prize was the love of my life wanting to marry me (I know, groooooan at the soppiness).

Thanks December, you rocked!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Internets

Since I started this blog I've changed a lot of my URLs, and gotten some new ones, so I thought I'd post a blog updating them all!

This is my photography tumblr. It is NSFW! I post a lot of my work on here so it's probably the best free way to check out my work.

This tumblr is my personal tumblr. It is fat-positive, political, full of fluffy animals and I post previews to my full blogs on here on it.

Aaaaand this is my other tumblr. On this I reblog art I love, mostly photography. It is also NSFW. I do my best to feature a diverse range of models as much as I can.

@kittyramblesalot is my instagram name. I update this the most! I post selfies, fur baby photos, outfits, my photography, all sorts!

My blog facebook page. I post to this most days, expect a lot more random selfies, links to companies I like and general personal-ish ramblings.

My photography facebook. I try to upload different photos on this to tumblr so there isn't too much cross over, updated a couple of times a week.

I recently got lookbook and am trying to remember to post all my outfits on there. If you use it please go follow me and hype my outfits, I'm all lonely right now!

Patreon is a new platform for artists to share their work for people who pledge a monthly subscription. To access my work it starts at only $1 a month! This gets you access to some exclusive sets and regular updates. $10 a month gets you access to ALL my content! There are higher monthly amounts that also include prints and goodies sent out each month. Supporting independent artists means the world to us. $10 a month is a bargain for the amount of content I have, but it means I can carry on producing art!

Twitter! I don't use it so much, but I really should.

Thank you for supporting my blog and my work <3 Don't forget to also follow this blog!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Missing Christmas Photos

On Christmas day my Dad took some photos of me and Stu and I wanted to share them because well... I love them. We look so happy. We are so happy. I have definitely become one of those people who used to make single me a bit nauseous.

My Mum wanted us to pose with champagne flutes to look all extra celebratory. I'm teetotal so this made me laugh, but I played along!

Stu's beard is magnificent.

I think these two are my favourites. We are planning on getting a photo from this lot printed so we can frame it, it'll probably be the top one of these two. I think I prefer the bottom one but it's slightly out of focus.

My top is from New Look @ ASOS, and my necklace is BloodyMary Metal. Stu's amazing shark jumper is also from ASOS.

Thank Skid Row I had a good hair day!

And for a bonus, another close up of my ring. Stu picked so good!

Thanks for the photos Dad!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx